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The services for your italian wedding in Tuscany.

Discover Juno Weddings & Events and its services for your wedding in Versilia, in Tuscany or eastern Ligurian Riviera.

The wedding is the most important event in the life of a couple and requires all the energy that you have available to make it a unique and unforgettable day. Considering this importance, the organization of the wedding requires a lot of time, hard work, so much effort and expertise.

It is for this reason that the profile of the wedding planner was born, a ” professional wedding organiser” who accompanies the couple in their journey, planning every detail and the entire ceremony.

This is what Juno Weddings & Events, a wedding planning agency qualified in the design of weddings and other special events in Tuscany and the eastern ligurian Riviera, does. Its contribution and its activities are aimed to Italian and foreign couples who decide to get married among the wonders of Italy.

Are you fantasizing about the day of your wedding and would you like to be at the time of the fateful “yes”, right? This is normal, but the wait can be reduced and softened.

For the organization of your dream wedding, that you have always wanted and waited for a long time , Juno can be really useful.

Let’s see why. Meanwhile, here you can find all the contacts:

Why Juno Weddings & Events is the wedding planner you are looking for.

Why rely on the skill and experience of Juno? For a very simple reason: you’ll have a wedding planner at your disposal that can design your wedding, and is ready to devote all his energy and days of work to you and the success of the ceremony.

Organizing a wedding certainly presents objective difficulties and the role of wedding planner is to help the couple that doesn’t have enough time and opportunity to make the most for the big day.

It is task of Juno, and of its efficient wedding planning service, to relieve the couple from the weight of unnecessary worries and to limit the risk that might be involved in any crisis situation, keeping under control the budget and the timeline. And this is an exceptional opportunity.

What can the agency Juno Weddings & Events do for you? To build a creative project for your wedding, Juno, already from the first meeting, will study the best solutions. The first meeting is an opportunity to know the bride and groom and their desires.

Juno observes your way of being and examines your ideas for the wedding day, with the intent to devise a bespoke solution and develop the theme of the wedding. But the choice is always up to you: among the various proposals you will establish which one is perfect, which best suits your personality.

Everything you may need to get married in Forte dei Marmi, Lunigiana or the Cinque Terre.

Juno favours the attention to detail and quality, evaluates and analyzes all circumstances even the smallest particular in order for the marriage to be impeccable. Juno takes care of everything, in particular:

  • proposing the most fascinating locations in Tuscany: from the beaches of Versilia to the ancient villas of the Lucca, from luxurious hotels to the most charming farmhouses, the castles of Lunigiana and the most picturesque structures of the Cinque Terre;
  • selecting the best catering, with the most delicious menu for feasting cheerfully with traditional culinary delights and fine wines;
  • identifying possibilities about the cake and the sweet table, turning to experts cake designers always resourceful and creative;
  • looking after the entertainment of your guests, young and old ones, with magicians, entertainers and babysitting services;
  • contacting artists and illustrators to compose the invitations and the tableau de mariage, following classical models or the most original ideas;
  • selecting the wedding favours and the most beautiful gadgets to leave a magical memory of the wedding to your guests, inspired by the tradition or by the new trends;
  • overseeing the fitting by commissioning to the most talented florists the decorations, to create any kind of ambience you may like;
  • taking care of the music, listing all the alternatives: a variety of singers and musicians orchestras, entertainment groups or dj-set, for your exclusive wedding soundtrack;
  • coordinating the photo shoot: the best photographers, specializing in matrimonial services both in classical and reportage, are at your disposal;
  • finding the right means of transport to get to the ceremony – whatever you may like
  • looking after the guests service, to best welcome your invites providing transfer and accommodation;
  • providing services for the bride: proposing, for the delicate choice of the dress, the shoes and accessories, the best bridal atelier in Tuscany and contacting professional hairstylists and makeup artists

The attention of Juno is turned to the setting, the flowers, textiles and lights to give life to ancient or trendy atmospheres, in fairy-tale or vintage style, exotic or just eccentric. Everything is under the responsibility of the wedding planner that assists you step by step interested in monitoring timeline and budgets and managing all the suppliers.

Of course Juno will be with you in the most important day, from the rite to the last toast, from the beginning to end of the party, to direct the work of the entire staff of professionals on which the couple can count, and to face any kind of unexpected complications.

Juno is happy to carry with you this journey of love and share with you the emotions that that time will give you.

Juno Weddings & Events is your guide in this journey of planning and structuring the marriage that you are always dreaming.

Getting married in Italy with the wedding planner Juno is even easier!

Juno Weddings & Events is a great collaborator for foreigners who want to get married in Italy, one of the most loved country in the world.

The new trend of getting married abroad is increasingly accepted and followed by lovers from every continent, won over by the idea of celebrating their wedding between Italian beauties.

The worry not to know the area and its opportunities should not stop you: the organization is not stressful or hard with the help of Juno, which is on your side to do inspections, price estimates and assists you searching for a project that glorify the virtues of Italy well known all over the world: the “made in Italy” and the handcrafted works, the culture, the breath taking landscapes, the tradition of the past, the air of celebration.

There’s something for every taste, from Lucca to the eastern ligurian Riviera, from the sea to the mountain, from the most famous structures to small hidden treasures, here with Juno, you will find your ideal combination.

Juno wants to grant your desire to leave you and your guests, a lasting impression of Italy, its people and its magnificent places in memory of the most important day of your life as a couple.

Contact now Juno Weddings & Events

For all necessary information and the answers to your questions and requests, Juno Weddings & Events is pleased to listen and advise you.

Juno is the right solution for you, what are you waiting for?

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